Men's Spandex Thongs

We are all about men's thong swimwear and helping you find the suit of your dreams. The perfect swimsuit is out there. One that makes you feel so sexy and special. Men's spandex thongs used to be a rarity on the beach but now they are more popular than board shorts. One of the major reasons for this is that men are tired of hiding their bodies and getting that funny baggy shorts tan line. Thong swimsuits are one of the most comfortable designs you can wear. Did you really think all the girls wearing thongs did it just to look sexy while not being comfortable? Thong swimwear styles along with bikinis and even G-strings come in many shapes and sizes. There are many different pouch style has diverse as male enhancement designs that make the wearer look as large as possible to the other end of the spectrum which are the new and extremely popular male to female transformation swimwear designs that repackage the penis into a lovely vagina shaped pouch. Below are some of my favorite swimwear companies that offer some of the most extreme and erotic swimwear fashions found anywhere.

Finding the ultimate Men's Spandex Thongs