Men's Spandex Thongs
Sheer men's spandex thongs

Finding the ultimate Men's Spandex Thongs

Men's spandex thongs

The beach has been alive this summer with lots of micro swimwear designs for both men and women. One of the most exciting trends is the men’s swimwear thongs. These are swimsuits that fully expose the rear and most of the designs offer the newest micro bulge pouch designs and we have been spotting many men wearing male transformation style thongs. Seeing men in these crazy sexy little swimsuits is not only sensual and exciting but truly liberating to know that we are welcome to wear this style suit on a crowded beach and be completely relaxed about doing it. Many of my friends both gay and straight are making the switch to these form fitting designs in fact a number of wives ordered their husbands men’s spandex thongs and surprised them with them. It’s fun when your wife or girlfriend wants you to wear one. Most men on one level or another want to try wearing sexy swimsuits but sometimes they are afraid of what a friend might say or what their girlfriend or wife might think about it. The fact is most women are happy to see men wearing these wonderful designs and there is no reason to think your girlfriend or wife would not have the same feelings. To make sure you can always ask what they think. When I made the switch I told my girlfriend what I wanted to do was go nude but since we had no nude beaches nearby I was going to start wearing thongs. She thought it was a great idea.